Who We Are

Correctmywork.com was set up by fully qualified professionals educated to doctoral level. We are a small team with many years of experience in proofreading and editing a broad range of work, from short essays to doctoral dissertations.

As a small group we can personally verify the quality of every assignment. We are committed to providing an efficient and high quality service. Unlike some proofreading services which differentiate according to the level of quality you are willing to pay for, Correctmywork.com provides only one quality level; assignments proofread to perfection. We do not compromise on our proofreading standards and can guarantee that your assignment will always be serviced by proofreaders educated to the highest standards.

Dr. Tara Davis

Dr. Tara Davis CPsychol has a professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology, a foundation certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling and a BSc in Psychology with Marketing Management. She manages a therapeutic community and has worked as a psychologist and counsellor in a variety of settings over the past 10 years.

Dr. Taylor Zilbiger

Dr. Taylor Zilbiger MBPsS has a professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology as well as a BA in behavioural sciences. When she is not editing and proofreading, she works as a therapist and supervisor.